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Discover additional specific info on the many links (outlined in "red" or "blue") listed below

  • HARVEY DANGER - rock/alternative band
  • JAMES IHA - Smashing Pumpkins' guitar player
  • STATIC-X L.A. alternative metal band
  • SUSIE SUH - upcoming artist on a major American label
  • x
  • SHOJI TABUCHI - The Osaka native has made himself America's king of live country music. The theater he bought was grossing upwards of $14 million a year.
  • ABIGAIL WASHBURN - She was born in Illinois. But when she picks up her banjo and starts to sing, she often delivers her lyrics in Chinese. She is "Bluegrass Over Beijing."
  • STRING CHEESE INCIDENT - an eclectic jam band led by mandolinist/violinist Michael Kang plays a mix of bluegrass, calypso, salsa, Afro-pop, funk, rock & jazz.
  • AI - Upcoming J-Pop star w/ a mature & almost husky voice. Ai Carina Uemura is a biracial, bilingual rising R&B star in Japan with an American-bred affinity for soul and R&B music. The singer was born in L.A., graduated from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (along with classmate Josh Groban)
  • KIRAN AHLUWALIA - Combines Ghazal, Punjabi & American Music
  • NAMIE AMURO - (real name Namie Maruyama, said to be one quarter Italian), was a huge sensation in the 90'ss and has gone on to be one of the most successful Japanese pop artists of all time.
  • AS ONE - American-born female k-pop vocal group w/r&b flavor
  • ASHA BHOSLE - she has reigned as one of the queens of Bollywood playback (singers who provide the vocal tracks for Bollywood stars) for the last several decades. She recently celebrated her 75th birthday that underscored her ability to create a seemingly limitless array of musical characterizations.
  • BUBBLE SISTERS - Female K-Pop "black-face" vocal group
  • KAUSHIKI CHAKRABARTY - Star in the India Vocal Music
  • CHANG CHENG-YUE ("AH-U") - Sold 3+ million c.d.'s in Asia
  • CORNELIUS - (aka Keigo Oyamada) combines rock, pop and bubblegum music with Takako Minekawa
  • CUI JIAN - "Father of Chinese Rock Music combines traditional Chinese instruments and melodic sensitivities with Western rock.
  • DEF TECH - they had the 3rd best selling album in 2005 and one of the most popular bands in Japan. They are establishing new genre "Java Ian reggae."
  • DIR EN GREY - Musically too Dir En Grey skips wildly across the spectrum. Like the artistic climate in general, the five have veered away from lyricism and toward more extreme territory over their 10 years; their new CD, "Marrow of the Bone," bristles with dense metallic thrash.
  • DO AS INFINITY - Japan's popular hard rock band
  • DRUNKEN TIGER - Korean group led by emcees Tiger JK/DJ Shine w/turntablist DJ James Jhig, emcee Micki Eyez aka Opticals, emcee/producer Roscoe Umali of The Glossilalics and underground hip-hop heads called "Campo Finique"
  • EVE'S PLACE - visual rockers from Korea
  • EVERY LITTLE THING - pop rock group from Japan featuring Kaon Mochida (vocals) and Ichiro Ito (guitar)
  • FLY TO THE SKY - R&B K-Pop (performed w/Brian McKnight .
  • H/\L - corporate rock and roll from Japan
  • GAMELAN TUNAS MEKAR - plays vibrant gamelan angklung music
  • AYUMI HAMASAKI - Japan's popular pop star
  • ASUCA HAYASHI - Upcoming 13 years old J-Pop star
  • MARI IIJIMA - accomplished singer and songwriter who has released numerous top 10 albums in Japan. Her critically acclaimed debut album, "Rosé" was produced by renowned composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.
  • IM JUNG-HEE - "Street Diva" Im Jung Hee signed with Outkast to produce her US debut album. What's even more telling is that Outkast was featured in Im's music video. JYP Big Hit Entertainment, which the Korean singer belongs, said that they signed contract with Outkast to work as coproducer of next record.
  • JU JU CLUB - rock/pop group from Korea
  • JUDY AND MARY - J-Pop artist combines punk/pop/rock/bubblegum
  • JA-WOO-RIM - Korean pop/rock and roll group
  • CRYSTAL KAY - Bi-Racial Asian Star (Father: Black American/Mother: Korean) is successful in Japan and Asia
  • JUNG SEO KIM - alternative punk/rock from Korea
  • L'ARC~EN~CIEL - One of Japan's pop rock groups
  • ANDY LAU (Tak-Wah) - HK Superstar & Heavenly Sky King
  • COCO LEE - popular HK female r&b singer. CoCo was a Global Ambassador for Omega from 2004-6 and Chanel's first Asia-Pacific Celebrity Ambassadress. Despite her hectic schedule, CoCo still finds time for numerous charitable causes, contributing her time as a youth ambassador for UNICEF, the Make a Wish Foundation and the Organization for World Peace in China. In 2004, CoCo also represented Asian artists promoting youth education at the global AIDS conference in Thailand as a YouthAIDS ambassador. In 2009, she performed at the esteemed Disney Hall to a raptured (albeit small) fans of this popular artist. In the future, with the proper promotion and management, she will be provided opportunities for U.S. audiences to witness the talent that have made her a favorte of concertgoers throughout Asia.
  • KUH LEDESMO - Filipina Diva performs r&b.
  • LMF - first Cantonese-speaking hardcore, hip-hop band.
  • MAD CAPSULE MARKETS - hard rock band from Japan
  • MASAYA MATSUURA - Japanese musician and game designer. Regarded as the father of the 'musical adventure game' following the creation of Parappa the Rapper. Also responsible for the music in UmJammer Lammy, Vib Ribbon, Rhyme Rider Kerokiran and others.
  • MELT BANANA - experimental noise band from Japan
  • M-FLO - pop/alternative group is Taku (Sound Producer), Verbal (Rapper) and Lisa (Vocal)
  • MONDAY MICHIRU - one of Japan's finest soul/r&b and acid jazz singers whose music has made her stand out. She is married to jazz trumpeter Alex Sipiagin and has a son name Nikita.
  • MINK ("Made IN Korea") - this 22 years old Korean artist signed to Avex Trax (Japanese recording powerhouse label) had a hit on the American Billboard Hot Dance Play Chart club scene. It turns out, though, that Mink is a 22-year-old Korean. She is currently signed with Japan's recording powerhouse Avex Trax.
  • ANITA MUI - Hong Kong heartthrob singer and actress' career started in 1982 when she defeated 3,000 contestants to win first prize in the New Talent Singing Competition. Mui went on to carve out a reputation as “the Madonna of Asia.”
  • N.E.X.T. - Korean metal, industrial, rock & techno punk band
  • SAINKHO NAMTCHYLAK - Extreme vocalist, performance artist and musical chameleon from Centra Asia (Tuva)
  • SEVARA NAZARKHAN - World music from Uzbekistan (Central Asia) played on a doutar
  • EUGENE PAO - He is Hong Kong's most publicly recognized jazz musician. He has performed with Jac DeJonette, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, John Patittuci, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Pass, Eric Marienthal, Michael Brecker, Jeff Andrews and others. In 2006, he formed an Asian Super Guitar Project with Japan's Kazumi Watanabe and Korea's Jack Lee.
  • OLIVIA - bilingual artist on the cutting edge sub-label of Avex. She was part of a eurobeat band called D&D. Her music changed from a quite poppy sound into an experimental rock one. She sang the ending theme song to the anime adaption to Yazawa Ai's manga Nana. She performs at events such as PMX.
  • LENA PARK - this bi-lingual S. Korean pop star was born in Southern California and found success in S. Korea. Upon making her entry into the S. Korean/Asian marketplace, she had to learn how to speak Korean and/or the language of their parents (like others such Wang LeeHom and Ai). In 2009, she headlined a concert with Wheesung at the esteemed Disney Hall in Southern California. In 2009, she was one of the headlines at Korea Times' annual Korean Pop Festival that have went SRO for many years, providing ample evidence of the draw of artists from Asia.
  • PIZZICATO FIVE - Japan's premiere purveyors of retro-disco-pop.
  • PUFFY - Retro J-Pop from Ami Onuki & Yumi Yoshimura
  • RAIN - Korean "Usher"
  • SUSHEELA RAMAN - Tamil music w/jazz-folk-pop influences.
  • ROLLERCOASTER - rock from Korea
  • SEO TAIJI - Korea's "Ice-T" who ranges from rap to hard rock
  • SE7EN - Korean artist who is gaining wide popularity not only in South Korea, but also China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. His first Japanese album was released in March 2006. Se7en's popularity has earned him an award for Favorite Korean Artist in the MTV Asia Awards 2006, as well as an award for Best Buzz Asia in the MTV Japan awards 2006.
  • SHANGHAI (LOUNGE) DIVAS - The music on Ian Widgery's (who has worked with U2, David Bowie and others) Remix CD represents the songwriting and vocal performances of Shanghai ("Paris of the East) before the communist takeover in 1949 through the pulsating beats and electronic soundscapes. The CD is on Morton Wilson's Schtung Music, who is based in Hong Kong. The result: music as unique as the city in its golden era, a mixture of Eastern and Western influences, blues, jazz, traditional Chinese opera and folk music. This music was a great influence in the Hong Kong CantoPop music scene. Songs include "All The Stars In The Sky" by Chang Loo (Alex To's mother), "Ye Shanghai 2003" (named after the famous Chow Hsuan song that everyone knows at least a few notes of), "Waiting 4 You by Bai Kwong and "Night Queen" by Shang Kuan Ping Some of the featured artist included Bai Hong (who was despised by the Communists for her American style of singing and persecuted during the Cultural Revolution), Chang Loo (who escaped to Hong Kong and continued her career there for many years) and Li Xiang La (born and raised in Japanese-occupied Manchuria by Japanese parents was a mega-watt star in both Japan and China during the war. But afterwards, she was arrested as a collaborator, and forced to leave China).
    Side Note 1: Gary Lucas also have an American accoustic version of the music from the same time period. I've (Gary) been working on an album of Chinese pop music of the 1930's, a genre thatI've always really loved. My first wife was Chinese, and I lived in Taipei, Taiwan for two years, so I had a background in appreciating this music. I was sort of goated into learning it on the guitaron the behest of my friend Ken Hurwitz who married his Chinese sweetheart in Chinatown acouple of years ago and they asked me to prepare a some of transcriptions of this music for guitar.
    Side Note 2: David Liang's Shanghai Restoration Project is also based on the music of Shanghai during the above-listed times with American jazz, electronic and hip-hop (along with other American influences tossed in. This Kansas-born native now living in Shanghai
  • ANOUSHKA SHANKAR - toursing and performs classical Indian music with her father Ravi Shankar
  • SHAYLA - Australian native Vietnamese superstar performs in Vietnamese and English
  • SHIINA RINGO - rock artist from Japan
  • SHONEN KNIFE - uncompromising Japanese group has been kicking butt for a long time!
  • SITE ACCESS - Hong Kong Rock/Jazz/Funk fusion band
  • AMI SUZUKI - her disappearing act in the J-Pop scene resulted from selling 10 million total unites to her parents suing AG Communication - her management/production company, to end her contract following the conviction of tax-evasion charges of AG Communication president Eiji Yamada.
  • TATA YOUNG - Southeast Asian Singing Sensation
  • THE BRILLIANT GREEN - Japan-based Sony Music group plays pop rock music with catchy hooks
  • THE PANCAKES - rock band from Hong Kong
  • TOO PHAT - popular rap group from Malaysia
  • JAY SEAN - This r&b singer and rapper is the 1st Asian Prince of Pop
  • HIKARU UTADA - Japanese singer who specializes in J-Pop.
  • REGINE VALESQUEZ - A "Songbird" and Pop Star from the Phililppines
  • WANG LEE-HOM - Singing Hip-Hop/Chinese Style and "chinked-out"
  • WANG "MC WEBBER" BO - One of China's hottest young artists
  • FAYE WONG - perhaps the most distinguished female singer in contemporary Chinese musical circles/pop scene for over 15 years,
  • YIN TS'ANG - MC Webber & Foenix Fortean founded the rap group
  • JANE ZHANG (Zhang Liangying) - this Chengdu (Sichuan) native was born on October 11, 1984 and a Chinese pop singer with a spinto soprano voice came to prominence after her third-place performance in the 2005 season of the Super Girl contest, a national all-female singing competition in the People's Republic of China. Throughout the competition, she sang in English, Spanish and Cantonese in addition to Mandarin Chinese. She was given the nickname "The Dolphin Princess" during the competition for her ability to sing in the whistle register because Chinese musicians refer to the whistle register as the dolphin vocal sound. Zhang's debut album was titled The One and was produced by Craig Williams. Her next album, Update, broke away from the Chinese pop scene by combining elements of R&B and jazz. She participated in a World Peace One concert that was designed to increase awareness and activism for world peace, and to raise funds for humanitarian relief with U2, Madonna, Pink Floyd and Green Day. She developed a taste for American country singers in addition to Western pop singers, such as Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera.
  • RACHEL FACTOR - Artist (born Christine Horii from Hawii) performs music appropriate to her Jewish faith
  • ARABELLA HONG-YOUNG - classical concert singer that created the role of Helen Chiao in Broadway's original Flower Drum Song
  • STEVE LEE - a self-proclaimed "weird guy" who's rockin' out with fans of all ages. The Nashville-based Korean-White singer/songwriter/guitarist released "What Did You Do Today, Stephen Scott Lee?" a wildly imaginative indie-pop album that takes listeners through a day in the life of young Stephen. Think Raffi tunes with a psychedelic edge.
  • LEA SALONGA - this Filipina Diva's c.d. displays her singing talents
  • FURTHERMORE - Daniel Fischer & Lee Jester play music that defy every hip-hop & trip-hop cliché
  • JUNKO - Japanese American artist plays Amy Grant-like music.
  • KATINAS - Samoan version of the Winans - complete with great r&b music, harmonies and talented family members.
  • NEAH LEE - artist on the Broken For NYC-based Good Record Label
  • SHIN B - Hip-hop Korean Christian artist
  • SOMETHING LIKE SILAS - Eric Owyoung leads this San Diego-based rock band who are the resident artists at the church "Flood."
  • SUPERCHIC(K) - Christian rock group formed by Max Hsu

  • FUMINO ANDO - she was selected as the Assistant Concertmaster of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra in 2001 and 2002 and became a member of the Crouse String Quartet. She joined the Oregon Symphony in 2002. As a soloist, she was an invited guest artist in the classical series of the Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra in Arkansas. In Portland, Oregon, where she lives, she often performs on violin with the Sakura-Koto Ensemble, who play traditional Japanese instruments.
  • AHN TRIO - Three Korean-born sisters combine pop and classical. They've played pieces commissioned by Julliard friend Kenji Bunch for more than a decade such as "Danceband" and "Disco Boogie" that represents their eclectic musical tastes that extends from their classical foundation.
  • BOND - Gay-Yee Westerhoff, Eos, Haylie Ecker and Tania Davis' goal to reinvent the classical string quartet .
  • SARAH CHANG - (Chang Young Joo) Classical violinist extradionaire
  • CATHRINA CHEN - she was a Grand Prize winner in the third International Gnessin Violin Competition in Moscow, Russia, Prize of Honor from the Norwegian Music Publisher Union in 2002, Karoline Prize in 2003 and Sparre Olsen competitions in 1997, 1998, and 2002. Catharina was the youngest musician in Norway ever to be awarded the highly respected and prestigious Oslo City Culture Prize (2004). Most recent award is the 2nd Prize at the Jeuness Musicale International Violin Competition in Bucharest, Romania (2007).
  • UNSUK CHIN - has a fascination with non-European musical cultures, especially about the sound world of Balinese gamelan music while serving as an inspiration for many pieces of her pieces. She always try to introduce a completely different colour into her compositions based on her experience of non-European music. To read her interview, click HERE
  • GLORIA CHENG-COCHRAN - Acclaim Chinese pianist
  • RACHEL CHEUNG - 13 years old child prodigy on piano
  • MENG-HSUN CHUANG - this Taiwan native was the youngest first prize winner in the Taiwan National Viola Competition, won the Taiwan National String Quartet Competition, received first prize in the International Chamber Music Competition of the Chamber Music Foundation of New England and the Taiwan National Theater and National Concert Hall Young Artists Award,
  • JOEL FAN - Prize-winning pianist & member of Silk Road Project
  • WU HAN - Pianist Creates Classic Classical Artistry with Husband David Frinckel
  • BEN HONG - L.A. Philharmonic's assistant principal cello player played on Jamie Fox-starrer ""The Soloist." While commutting on his limited edition MV Augusta F4-1000, this cellist performs in an eclectic array of nonclassical performers, including L.A.'s daKah Hip Hop Orchestra and actor-comedian Taylor Negron, and is learning to play an African djembe drum in his spare time. He is learning improvisational jazz with violinist-singer-songwriter
  • GAO HONG - acclaim and esteemed pipa player
  • HELEN HUANG - Acclaim Chinese violinist
  • LUCIA HWONG - Composer & instrumentalist for many genres
  • JENNIE JUNG - Pianist Jennie Jung is currently a Doctor of Musical Arts candidate at the Juilliard School. She received a Master of Music and Artist Diploma at Yale University's School of Music (under Claude Franck). Jennie made her debut with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra at the age of eleven and has since performed as a soloist and chamber musician. In 2004, she was awarded the Sheen Fellowship in Collaborative Piano at the Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara. She was the recipient of the Steven S. Kang Young Artists and Scholars Award in Chicago for three consecutive years from 2001.
  • JUNG TRIO - They consist of the above-listed Jennie Jung along with her sisters Ellen and Julie. These Toronto-native winners of the Grand Prize at the 2002 Yellow Springs Chamber Music Competition and the Bronze Medal at the 2002 Fischoff Competition have been featured in Strad, Strings, and Auditorium (Korea) magazines, in the Korea Times, as well as on the South Korean television program, A Classical Odyssey. They've won prizes at the Canadian Music Competition, Kiwanis Music Festival, and the CIBC National Music Festival. They are the first musical group ever to perform at the United Nations (UNEP) in Nairobi. Violinist Ellen Jung has been featured as a soloist with the Korean-Canadian Symphony, North York Symphony, and University of Toronto Symphony and Chamber Orchestras. Cellist Julie Jung has performed as a soloist with the Toronto Symphony, Canadian Chamber Academy, and the Taejon Symphony Orchestras. Her appearances include the Verbier (Switzerland) and Manchester (England) festivals, and a tour of Germany with the NEC Chamber Orchestra.

  • REV. TOM KURAI - Virtuosos of the taiko & Japanese percussion
  • SAYAKO KUSAKA - This violinst was the recipient of the "Best Musician of the Year" Award from the Critic's Association of Japan (2005). She is the 1st Prize winner at the 21st Rodolfo Lipizer International Violin Competition in Italy, received Silver Medal at the Premio Paganini International Violin Competition in Italy (where she also won the Best Performer Caprice Award), and Third Prize at the 8th Jean Sibelius International Violin Competition in Finland. Other awards include 1st Prize at the Neaman International Violin Competition in 1995, top prize at the Michelangelo Abbado International Violin Competition, and 4th Prize at the 3rd Pablo de Sarasate International Violin Competition. In her native Japan, she received a 1st Prize at the 69th Japan Music Competition, as well as numerous national awards. Sayako soloed internationally with Tokyo Symphony, Kirov Orchestra, Japan, Osaka and Kansai Philharmonics, with Geidai Symphony, and in recitals in St. Petersburg, Italy, Israel, Germany.
  • TIM LANDAUER - was proclaimed by the New York Times as "a cellist of extraordinary gifts" in 1983 when he won the coveted Concerts Artists Guild International New York Competition Award. The thirty-two year old principal cellist of the Pacific Symphony, is a cellist with a colorful past. Landauer's grandfather was a German scientist who fled the Nazis because he was Jewish. He went to China before the beginning of World War II, and then was unable to leave China. After the war, the United Nations recruited him as a public-health official. When the Communists took power in 1949, Landauer's grandfather fled to Taiwan with the Nationalist government. Later still he went to the United States, from which he sought to be reunited with his family, which was a very difficult process.
  • LANG LANG - He is a pianist who is an extraordinary piano prodigy. This ambassador of Chinese music is also the youngest international Goodwill Ambassador for Children's Fund (UNICEF). In 2008, he was named chairman of the Montblanc Culture Foundation and aims to kindle and sustain love of culture and the arts among young people. "As it is my dream to get even more people, including young people, to be interested in classical music, I am particularly pleased about the opportunities presented by this cooperation with Montblanc," says Lang. In 2009, he played a series of concerts with Herbie Hancock featuring their version of the classical and jazz idioms meeting. These concerts were the result of their performance of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue at the Grammys.
  • JOHNNY LEE - the Cleveland-born L.A. Philharmonic second violin player graduated cum laude from Harvard but also studied medicine and economics before settling on music.
  • TREY LEE - this young artist garned acclaim for combining intellectual sophistication with emotional sensitivity. Winner of the 2004 International Antonio Janigro Cello Competition as well as major prize-winner of New York's Naumburg International Cello Competition, Helsinki's International Paulo Cello Competition, and the Geneva International Music Competition, Trey has been actively engaged with festivals, concert halls and orchestras throughout the world
  • YUNDI LI - Youngest winner of International Chopin Competition . He studies half the year at Hanover Conservatory of Music in Germany and spends the other half touring.
  • MAESTRO XIAO-LU LI - His reputation as a symphonic conductor and concert viiolinist of international acclaim has been affirmed from East to West, from the Shanghai Concert Hall to Carnegie Hall.
  • VANESSA MAE - Pioneered the classical crossover sound
  • MIDORI - In the nearly two decades of her career, Midori has worked with artists such as Claudio Abbado, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Emanuel Ax, Jonathan Biss, Daniel Barenboim, Leonard Bernstein, Sir Colin Davis, Christoph Eschenbach, Nobuko Imai, Mariss Jansons, Yo-Yo Ma, Kurt Masur, Zubin Mehta, Sir Simon Rattle, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Isaac Stern and Pinchas Zukerman
  • MINORU MIKI - Combines American & Japanese music
  • JON NAKAMATSU - Winner of 10th Annual Van Cliburn Competition
  • HAI-YE NI - Yo-Yo Ma protégé / Winner of Naumburg Competition.
  • SEIJA OZAWA - Widely acclaim conductor and has been the Boston Symphony Orchestra's musical director since 1973 - the longest tenure of any music director currently active with a major orchestra
  • SAYAKA SHOJI - Highly sought-after violinist
  • AKI TAKAHASHI - She is a friend of meditative, abstract, poetic composers in her native Japan and the world over. But she has her quirks. In 1989, she began her "Hyper Beatles" project, persuading John Cage, Kaija Saariaho, Pauline Oliveros, Alvin Lucier, Tan Dun, Terry Riley, Toru Takemitsu and 40 other unlikely experimentalists, East and West, to make arrangements of Beatles songs for her.
  • MARGARET LENG TAN - Avant-garde pianist
  • MITSUKO UCHIDA - Pianist balances intellect & expression
  • YUJA WANG - 2006 Gilmore Young Artist has been a prize winner in national and international competitions such as Huapu Cup National Piano Competition, the First "Mido" Concours De Tiano Sino-Francais, the Xinghai Cup National Piano Competition and the Veo Internacional Primer Premio in Spain.
  • SHARON WEI - she has won top prizes at the London Scholarship Competition and Washington International Competition. She has toured France with Joseph Silverstein and Claude Frank.
  • WU HAN - pianist is married to Emerson Quartet cellist David Finckel and together formed classical music's first Internet recording company (ArtistLed). Works with Da-Hong Seetoo on recordings. On their recordings, her playing strikes me as his equal and who is precisely the performing partner Finckel's unique musicianship demands. Her emotional range matches his perfectly, such that all of their recorded performances are true duets.
  • XIAN ZHUO - he was the First Prize Winner in the Fourth China National Cello Competition (2000). Xian was one of the few teen musicians invited to 2001 Shanghai International Music Festival - a high profiled music event in China - where he received Excellent Performance Award, and praised by China Music Weekly Review, a professional music commentary magazine.
  • UNSUK CHIN - Widely acclaim contemporary music composer
  • TAN DUN - Classical Director known for unique music explorations
  • JAHJA LING - San Diego Symphony conductor
  • ZUBIN MEHTA - Combining concerts, recordings and tours, Zubin has conducted over 1,600 performances on five continents with this extraordinary orchestra. Since 1986, he has also acted as Music Advisor and Chief Conductor of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, the summer festival in Florence, Italy. 2007 saw the publication in Germany of Zubin Mehta's autobiography, Die Partitur meines Leben: Erinnerungen (The Score of my Life: Memories). The memories are many, the life remarkable. "It all comes from the music, "Mehta has said. "I do whatever the music demands. What is conducting? Conducting is communication. And what I communicate at the moment is what I feel and what my musicians need."
  • KENT NAGANO - this unconventional, talented and risk-taking artist is a world-acclaim composer/director Extraordinaire that performed the piece "Manzanar" at UCLA. Kent Nagano is renowned for interpretations of clarity, elegance and intelligence. He is equally at home in music of the classical, romantic and contemporary eras, introducing concert and opera audiences throughout the world to new and rediscovered music and offering fresh insights into established repertoire. In September 2006 he succeeded Zubin Mehta as Music Director of the Bayerische Staatsoper and became Music Director of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.
  • A.R. RAHMAN - Bollywood composer is Asia's most successfu artist
  • RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Award-winning composer and musician
  • BRIGHT SHENG - Combines Western & Chinese music whose talent was fine-tuned by Leonard Bernstein.
  • TAK SHINDO - Recording artist, composer and conductor
  • YASUO SHINOZAKI - Assistant Conductor @ L.A. Philharmonic
  • NATHAN WANG - Talented composer/keyboard/arranger who has provided music for movie and tv. He has also worked with Coco Lee, Sandy Lam, Jenny Tseng and Chris Wong while composing the music for Zhang Ziyi's latest movie entitled Sophie's Revenge. To listen to the theme that Nathan composed, click HERE
  • CHEN YI - Part of the East-West wave of classical composers
  • XIAN ZHANG - Associate Conductor of the New York Philharmonic. GainED attention after winning First Prize at the 2002 Maazel/Vilar International Conductors' Competition
    Did You Know in 2009: Each L.A. Philharmonic players's musicianship has been honed by endless hours of practice and a borderline ecclesiastical dedication to canonical music: Orchestra members work 11 months a year, perform eight "surfaces" (concerts and rehearsals) every week and practice at home for hours each day. L.A. Phil players command salaries between $112,000 and $350,000 for their trouble.
  • STEVE AOKI - By day he runs a small indie record label; by night he's a wildly popular DJ and club promoter
    DARLENE CHAN - Producer of the annual Playboy Jazz Festival
  • VINCENT & PAT CHIN (VP Records) - Record label founders that is at the forefront of reggae music in the U.S. w/artists such as Matisyahu (Hasidic Reggae Star)
  • GLORIA FUJITA-O'BRIEN - Supervising Producer w/Jeff Margolis
  • PATRACIA KAO - V.P. of Business Planning @ House of Blues
  • HYUN KIM - Lifestyle/Tech Editor for Vibe Magazine.
  • ANDEE KURODWA/ - W/Jay Karas, produce stunning programming
  • CHRIS KURODA - Top Sound designer and Innovator
  • ERICA MAEYAMA - Organizes tours and concerts for Asian underground artists
  • ARIF MARDIN - Legendary Turkish American Producer and Arranger of Rock/R&B's Royalty
  • COBI NARITA - The California native began producing jazz concerts when she moved to New York in 1969. Nearly four decades later, she has gained a reputation as a champion of little known but hugely gifted artists. In the late 1970s Narita founded Women in Jazz in an effort to expose their talent to the public at large. She managed the Collective Black Artists, a repertory orchestra and support group for underprivileged musicians.
  • DA-HONG SEETO - Chinese-born, New York-based Da-Hong Seetoo is the engineer and producer for the Tokyo and Emerson string quartets as well as many other ensembles. His father was the principal second violinist of the Shanghai Symphony and greatly suffered during the Cultural Revolution.
  • EDWARD YIM - Director of Artistic Planning at the L.A. Philharmonic. before Cleveland Orchestra.
  • ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION - Combines rap, punk and heavy metal
  • BEAT JUNKIES - Great and outrageous rappers
  • MEG LEE CHIN - Combines industrial sound, trip-hop & rap
  • DJ ICON - aka Connie Wong, acclaim DJ from San Francisco
  • JOCELYN ENRIQUEZ - fabulous Filipina dance artist.
  • K-SLY - Kathleen "K-Sly" Taylor is a "journalist for music"
  • KID KOALA - Scratch DJ also performs with Gorillaz
  • KID MILLIONAIRE - Steve Aoki (aka "Kid Millionaire" a fast-rising D.J. and record label owner
  • SATOSHI TOMIIE - Works w/David Morales & Frankie Knuckles
  • TORTOISE - Great dance music featuring Nobukazu Takemura
  • NEPTUNES - Acclaim hip-hop team of Chad Hugo & Pharrell Williams
  • TOWA TEI - Started with the group Deelite!
  • ANCIENT FUTURE - Unique blend of Eastern & Western music.
  • BEIJING TRIO - Features Jon Jang, Jiebing Chen and Max Roach.
  • CHARMAINE CLAMAOR - What is surprising about her singing, with its very real sense of jazz authenticity, is the fact that Clamor is a Filipina, born in the provincial town of Subic-Zambales and the first Filipina jazz singer with a recording heard on more than 100 radio stations across the U.S. She's been featured at the various Fil-Am Jazz Festivals throughout the country to glowing reviews.
  • MON DAVID - he was the only Asian chosen as one of 12 semifinalists in the First London International Jazz Competition for Vocalists beating over one hundred of applicants from over 25 countries including Armenia, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and USA.
  • HIROMI - Fast-Rising & Genre-Bending Jazz Pianist.
  • HIROSHIMA - Jazz fusion group featuring taiko drums and the koto
  • JON IRABAGON - Filipino sax player who won the 2008 Thelenoious Monk Institute Grand Prize
  • JON JANG - Combines classical Chinese instruments with great jazz
  • NORAH JONES - Sultry vocalist & pianist (Father: Indian Sitar legend Ravi Shankar - Mother is White)
  • KEIKO MATSUI - talented , renown and widely respected keyboardist.
  • CHARLES MINGUS - Acclaim & visionary bass player/composer
  • TORU "TIGER" OKOSHI - he has a reputation as a jazz artist of innovation and creativity and is aprofessor of music at the famed Berklee College of Music. He first gained attention playing with Gary Burton; he also had a stint with George Russell's Living Time Orchestra and recorded with Bob Moses.
  • MICHAEL PAULO - smooth Filipino jazz-fusion saxophone player.
  • SAYA - was part of the Neville Brothers band.
  • SEAWIND - great jazz/r&b band from Hawaii.
  • SADAO WATANABE - accomplished saxophone player from Japan.
  • PAULINE WILSON - great Hawaiin singer, formerly with Seawind.
  • JOOHEE CHOI - Tony Award Nominee for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, winner of the Theater World Award for Best Debut Actress for her performance of Tuptim in Broadway's The King and I.
  • HEI-KYUNG HONG - Acclaim singer with a creamy, luscious, dark-toned soprano/a>
  • SUMI JO - This Korean/Korean American star utilizes her amazing "colortura" voice to bring her unique interpretation of great operas.
  • XIU WEI SUN - this natural Puccini soprano has received wide acclaim for her great performances throughout the world.
  • HAO JIANG TIAN - Since his Metropolitan Opera debut during the 1991/92 season, Hao Jiang Tian has earned widespread recognition as one of today's true basso cantantes.
  • TATYANA ALI - "Fresh Prince's" baby sister" (who is part South Asian - Trinidadian East Indian father & Panamanian mother)
  • BRYAN CHAN - Member of LMNT - a teen vocal group
  • MARGARET CHAPMAN - Hawaiian-born Margot Chapman might lay claim to being the first Asian Pacific American (as part of the successful Starland Vocal Band - had hits such as "Afternoon Delight") to co-host a network musical variety series.
  • YVONNE ELLIMAN - Sang the lead role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar, was Eric Clapton's right-hand woman and had 3 MOR hit singles (Bee-Gees' "Love Me," "Hello Stranger" "I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind").
  • HOKU HO - daughter of Don Ho (her mom is White)
  • Jade - this Canadian-bred/Hong Kong-born pop-rock artist (who is managed by Danny O'Donovan of the Jackson Family fame) had her self-titled 2003 debut (released in her adopted country on EMI) scored two major radio hits on Canada's BDS/AC charts.
  • THE JETS - Polynesian family act's first hit was US Top 10 hit
  • KAREN KAMON - Could be the 1st APA Solo Singer that had a video shown on MTV ("Da Doo Ron Ron")
  • KIM SISTERS - The Kim sisters, composed of three sisters, Sook-ja, Ai-ja, and Mia, came from Korea to Las Vegas in February, 1959. Their first contract in American was to perform at the Thunderbird Hotel for four weeks as part of the China Doll Revue, the main showroom program. This engagement led them to a successful career.
  • LARRY RAMOS OF "THE ASSOCIATION" - Musician-singer performed with the New Christy Minstrels & "The Association"
  • HAYLEY WESTENRA - Ziwi's version of Josh Groban
  • HAYLEY YEE-LING - the UK born singer/songwriter, half Filipino/Spanish and Chinese artist has been described as explosive yet seductive with octaves ranging from G2 to G8. She has toured with Musiq Soulchild, Jin and D'Angelo.
  • DEFTONES - Chino Moreno (vocals), Stephen Carpenter (guitar), Chi Chang (bass) and Abe Cunningham (drums) combines elements of punk, pop, hip-hop and traditional metal. The new album, the Deftones' sixth (including a 2005 rarities collection), presents another dynamic collision of atmosphere and metal guitar as singer Chino Moreno soars and tumbles through the ether, fueled by wonder and alienation. It is a sound both agonized and wistful, the kind of contemplative shoe-gazing rock that occurs when you're doubled over in agony.
  • ANNABELLA LWIN OF "BOW WOW WOW - Bow Wow Wow's music ranges from simple, goofy, non- sensical tunes to complex, crisp pop masterpieces. Their music has been described as a pastiche of Latin and African beats, 50's rock-n-roll, and spaghetti western soundtracks placed together with an incredible sense of humor and vigor.
  • UNWRITTEN LAW - band's eclectic blend of punk and ska features Pat Kim on bass. Their 2005 CD is titled "Here's to the Mourning."
  • YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Korean American Karen O (Ohm) sings lead with squeeze and Angus Andrew
  • YELLOW CARD - Ventura-based punk quintet is led by Sean Mackin - a "Hapa"
  • AMERIE - Korean/Black r&b singer. 2005 CD is "Touch."
  • ANGGUN - Combinesr&b, rock and traditional Indonesian music
  • CASSIE - Cassandra Ventura (aka Cassie), is an American pop singer and former fashion model signed to Diddy's Bad Boys Records.
  • ROSE ANN DIMALANTA - Vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter
  • JENI FUJITA - Japanese "Teena Marie" who worked w/Wyclef Jean
  • SECOND WIND - bodacious music crew of madness mixes r&b, rock and funk with heavenly vocals with individual credits of working with Don Was, Brian Wilson, Rod Steward and many others.
  • GERRY WOO - was signed with Polydor in 1988, issued one LP Listen To My Heart, sang on one track on the UCLA Gospel Choir's CD and reappeared as Harlemm Lee who won on Debbie Allen's TV Show on NBC.
  • BLACKEYE PEAS - Popular group includes a Filipino rapper. Check out their "Bebot" video (Generation 1) and (Generation 2). Read an interview with the people involved with their Filipino video by clicking HERE. Read about BEP's Filipino member, Albert Pineda, by clicking HERE and where he was honored at the Filipino American Library's Spirit Awards in 2006.
  • DAN "THE AUTOMATOR" NAKAMURA - Wildly imaginative producer
  • DJ KRUSH - Serious hip-hop/rapper from Japan
  • FOXY BROWN - Outrageous Asian Indian/South Asian//Black rapper
  • GORILLAZ - Dan "The Automater" Nakamura, Kid Koala, Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori and others are part of this acclaimed "virtual hip-hop" band.
  • JIN THA MC - Asian American rapper signed with Ryder Records
  • LYRICS BORN - born in Tokyo but raised primarily in the States, and has been a fixture (w/his wife Joyo Velarde) on the Bay Area underground hip-hop scene for more than a decade, affiliating in 1990 with the Quannum crew, then known as Solesides. The collective has produced some of the genre's most successful purists, including DJ Shadow, Blackalicious and Jeff Chang (author of the critically acclaimed "Can't Stop Won't Stop").
  • M.I.A. - Combines American gangsta rap, Hindi film music, Jamaican dancehall, Europop and multiculti gibberish
  • SMILES AND SOUTHSTAR - African & Asian American Hip Hop duo
  • LINKIN PARK - Mike Shinoda (lead vocals / m.c.) - check the video from his own group Fort Minor entitled "Kenji" about the internment camps by clicking HERE) & DJ Joseph Hahn (DJ, sampling, BG vocals) are part of this successful and popular group. Joseph Hahn is involved with most of the band's videos.
  • P.O.D. ("Payable Upon Death") - Asian Pacific Islander American (Guam) cousins Sonny Sandoval (vocals) and "Wuv" Bernando (drums) lead this group
  • CIBO MATTO - Popular Japanese rock band. Former member and Gorillaz star Miho Hatori has started a solo career with her Ecdysis cd. Hatori's tour band consisted of Mauro Refosco on percussion (who also performed on her album), composer-pianist Shoko Nagai on keyboards and Masa Shimizu on guitar/bass.
  • FANNY - Probably the first all-female rock band to sign with a major label was fronted by two Asian Pacific American women. (Filipinas Jean/June Millington).
  • HOOBASTANK - Led by Doug Robb (half Japanese/half White)
  • DENGUE FEVER - Chhom Nimol is the Cambodian lead singer to this wildly eclectic band of musical adventurers that meshes Cambodian psychedelia with surf-rock and other diverse musical genres. Ethan Holtzman heads the band, with Zac Holtzman, Senon Williams, David Ralicke and Paul Smith supplying the musical landscapes
  • MOIST - David Usher (Thai/Jewish) was the lead singer of Moist.
  • TRUST CO. - Alabama-based band features guitarist James Fukai
  • WIDE MOUTH MASON - Group opened for the Rolling Stones
    SESSION PLAYERS   WORLD (Ska, Salsa, Hawaiian)
  • DAPHNE CHEN - Prominent string contractor and violinist.
  • RAY CHEW - producer, musical director, arranger, musician and artist - with a musical career spanning over 25 years in recording, television and live performances. Ray has worked with Ashford & Simpson, Diana Ross, Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, Teddy Pendergrass, Donnie Hathaway, Grover Washington, Alicia Keys, Missy Elliott, Debra Cox, Brian McKnight and Yolanda Adams.-
  • GLENN FUKUNAGA - Rrenown session bass player
  • JAKE SHIMABUKURO - Ukele legend known to many people. His musical icons include Bela Fleck, late acoustic guitarist Michael Hedges and electric guitar revolutionaries Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen. Thanks to Jimmy Buffett and others have helped bring him to larger audiences. His 2006 CD "Gently Weeps" is a showcase of his remarkable skills while displaying the surprising capabilities of the ukele.
  • CUONG VU Oone of the top 50 young Jazz Artists/Session players. Vu began to play the trumpet at the age of 11, after receiving the instrument as a gift from his mother. In high school, he played in bands and jazz combos, and became interested in the fusion jazz of players like Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny, and Mike Stern, preferring modern jazz over older styles such as bebop or swing. He has performed with Laurie Anderson, David Bowie, Dave Douglas, Cibo Matto, Gerry Hemingway, Bobby Previte, Mark Helias, Andy Laster, Orange Then Blue, Mitchell Froom, Matthias Lupri and Chris Speed. He has toured with Pat Metheny as trumpeter and vocalist.
  •   Hawaiian
  • ROBERT CAZIMERO - Hawaiian pop star is the 1st Grammy Award-winning artist in the category of Hawaiian music.
  • DANIEL HO - Influences of jazz, blues, pop & Hawaiian slack key guitar are heard
  • DON HO - famous Hawaiian Balladeer (of Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, German parentage) who had his own hour-long color TV special and best-selling albums
  • KUIOKALANI "KUI" LEE - Don Ho, who recorded many of Kui Lee's songs, said of their deep bond, "...We both felt that the people of Hawaii should try to create their own music - take it to a different level from the hula- type music into a more cosmopolitan level." The "Lenny Bruce of Hawaii (July 31, 1932 - December 3, 1966) was a singer- songwriter, who took part in show business both in New York and Hawaii. The now-famous Aloha From Hawaii concert by Elvis Presley and concert merchandise sales were a benefit that raised $75,000 for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund.
  • SOCIETY OF SEVEN - Legendary Hawaiian entertainment group
  • PAT "CHIYOKO" SUZUKI - Bing Crosby helped get her a RCA Records recording contract that led to a guest appearance on the Frank Sinatra Show and Linda Low in 1958's original Broadway production of Flower Drum Song.
  • TRAVELERS 3 - "folk" music group of highly polished arrangements of traditional songs and soothing harmonies that included Charlie Oyama and Pete Apo.
  • ENRIQUE IGLESIAS - Combines good looks & songs for success
  • ORQUESTA DEL SOL - Japanese band plays great & authentic salsa
  • OZOMATLI - Latin salsa, urban hip-hop & jazz-funk (w/Jiro Yamaguchi) and American musical ambassadors to the world
  • ORESKABAND - the all-girl Japanese ska band (whose members recently graduated from their high schools) was signed by Barry Rosenbush, executive producer of "High School Musical," to Sony Music. In July 2006, they released a mini-album "Ore" on Sony Music Associated Records Inc. Their first full album, "WAO!!" (short for We Are Oreskaband) is on Sony Music. The Oreskaband: Ikasu: Guitar & Vocal, Tomi: Bass & Vocal, Tae-San: Drums, Saki: Trumpet, Moriko: Sax and Leader: Trombone
  • REEL BIG FISH - Ska/funk concoctions featuring Matt Wong on bass.
  • SAVE FERRIS - Third wave ska band w/Bill Uechion on bass

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